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the island, than a person who has lived there for all his live?
We will service you from Rhodes!

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Rhodes Private Tour / Classic or custom

Rhodes has it all. From the old town the " Medevial City " to the acropolis of Rhodes with the Appollo temple, the Filerimos mountain, the Butterflies Valley , the 2800 years old Acropolis of Lindos and the traditional village of Lindos with the lovely donkeys and the small streets, the ancient city of Kameiros and the castles of Kritinias and Monolithos, the beautiful " Prassonisi " at the edge of Rhodes , the Kallithea springs and the 7 ( seven ) Springs with the tunnel and the small waterfall, the famous Antony Quinn bay, the " Guns of navarone bay ..and more

Any sightseeing or event of Rhodes you will see in my site can be combined by you and ask me to implement it. Nothing can stop your wish not to be fulfilled.
The duration of the custom tour will be the same with the classic tour that i already offer you. They always last one day from 9,30 to 6,30 , enough time to fulfill any demand. This day is yours and special for your holidays in Rhodes and you can schedule it as you want.

As a matter of fact, one day can't be enough to see all the beauties of Rhodes island. I 'll always try to do my best because I really love that job.
Every private tour with you, it's a vacation day for me as well.

So suit your self with my unique private tour, to the most important - carefully selected - main sightsseings of Rhodes, as well as VIP excursions and specials, for thoose who are on a cruise ship vacation. Choose from my classic full day tour or a half day concentrated tour, excursions, or discover a full-range sightseeing on the island of Rhodes.

Note:I do NΟT make unrequested stops at favored shops and I do NOT accept any commisions.

The recommended friends on my site are really the best choises, after many years of my experience and hundrends of tours
My purpose is to make your private tour in Rhodes island ..enjoyable and safe !!


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