Frequently asking questions

1. Question : Do i have to pay any extra money in case that the tour is completed later than 18,30 at the evening , because of the traffic or any other reason?
Answer : No, you dont have to pay extra for any reason. The tour must completed in any case to all the sights of the tour with out extra charges.

2. Question : Do I have to pay any extra money for car-gas or car-insurance ?
Answer : No, you don't have to pay any extras. The car is full of gas at the begining of the tour included full insurance 100%.

3. Question : Is the tour safe? Do I have to be afraid for any reason?
Answer : No, you don't have to be afraid for anything. I am a professional driver with almost 30 years of driving experience and I have professional driving license since1985 at the age of 18 The rules are very simple. Safe driving following all the traffic guidelines of the island, as well as, low speed (no more than 50km/hour).

4. Question : Can i stop for personal needs at any time of the tour?
Answer : Yes of course. You can stop for any need at any time. For..( photo's, shopping, cash-machines,personal needs ..and more !!

5. Question : Is it a problem for the tour when one of the persons at the group is a person with special needs? Is that a problem?
Answer : There is not any problem to make a tour together with persons with special needs, adults or children's.

6. Question : Can I change the timetable of my classic private tour or my custom one as I want?
Answer : Yes you can change it, but the new programm must have almost the same duration.

7. Question : After my research, can I suggest the kind of food or a restaurant for our lunch?
Answer : Yes of course. I already have my recommended friends who are carefully selected and tested through hundreds of tours, concerning the prices, the quality and safety. But if you wish, i will follow your instructions immediately.

8. Question : Is there any station for the beginning of the tour or you can pick us from any other place?
Answer : I can pick you up from any place you want, no matter how far The appointment can be at any place of Rhodes island. No extra charge requested.

9. Question : Can I pay my private tour with a credit card?
Answer : Unfortunately you can't. You have to pay the tour in " cash ".

10. Question : Is it a problem for the tour when a person has a little dog with him?
Answer : No, a little dog or a cat is not a problem for the tour. Greece is full of animals all over the country and Greeks are very friendly with them.