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Rodos Private TourMy name is Yanis (John) I am Greek, born in Rodos and I offer you an amazing and unforgetible private tour or VIP excursion of the main sightseeings of Rodos island "Castello" the Medeviel Palace of St.John cavalliers, the Acropolis of Rodos, the Ancient Stadium, the Kalithea ( the area that the famous film "Guns of Navarone" took place in 1960"s ), the Antony Quinn Bay where the famous actor builed his house, the village of Lindos with the Acropolis of Lindos, the unique Butterfly Valley, the "Seven Springs" with the tunnel and the waterfall, the "Filerimos mountain" with the monuments of Jesus and the big Cross, and more...

Save money and time with me, because you will see and you will have this experience (all sightseeings in one day) discount rates
It can be also a tour on a " tailor made" program


With my customers @ The Waterfall of Seven Springs - Rodos Island

Kalithea Springs - Rodos IslandKalithea Springs - Rodos IslandKalithea Springs - Rodos IslandKalithea Springs - Rodos Island

With my customers @ Kalithea Springs & Guns of Navarone Film Bay- Rodos Island

Antony Quinn Bay - Rodos IslandAntony Quinn Bay - Rodos IslandAntony Quinn Bay - Rodos IslandAntony Quinn Bay - Rodos Island

Me and my Canadian Friend and customers @ Antony Quinn Bay - Rodos Island

Filerimos Mountain - Rodos IslandFilerimos Mountain - Rodos IslandFilerimos Mountain - Rodos IslandFilerimos Mountain - Rodos IslandFilerimos Mountain - Rodos IslandFilerimos Mountain - Rodos Island

With my customers @ Filerimos Mountain - Ialissos Village - Rodos Island

Butterflies Valley and Museum of Natural History - Rodos IslandButterflies Valley and Museum of Natural History - Rodos IslandButterflies Valley and Museum of Natural History - Rodos IslandButterflies Valley and Museum of Natural History - Rodos Island

With my customers @ Butterflies Valley and Museum of Natural History - Rodos Island


With my customers @ Old Town Rodos - Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rodos Island

Rodos Private Tour - Lindos Rodos Private Tour - LindosRodos Private Tour - LindosRodos Private Tour - Lindos

With my customers @ Overview & Acropolis of Lindos Rodos Island


With my customers @ Carefully Selected Traditional Greek Restaurants - Rodos Island


With my customers @ Shopping Traditional Greek Products, Olive Oil, Ouzo, Herbs and Souvenirs - Rodos Island

Alterantive Tours

There are a lot of alternative tourism sightseeings in Rodos island.
You can discover factories and farms with pure Greek Rhodian products.

Wines & local drinks as well as cheese , olive oil, honey ..and more.
There is also another option of alternative tourism in the island like visiting traditional houses with old furnitures , old tools and customs. The most of them are in Koskinou village and Embonas village

Scuba diving schools & water sports are everywhere in the island on a very good prices on selected famous beaches like kallithea springs , Antony quinn bay, faliraki beach and tsambika beach. From the Greek orthodox monasteries and churches you will be impresed.
You can have total free access to them but they don't allow you photographs . The excuse is that can be caused damages from the photos , but on the end the tourists usually they have their nice photos.


With my friends from Israel @ Honey Factory & friends @ ceramics demo, monastreries, wine tour, watersport activities and more..

Rodos Alternative toursRodos Alternative toursRodos Alternative tours

Rodos Animal & Ostrich Farm Just two minutes before the Butterflies Valley


Rodos is the ideal place for snorkeling. Plan your " snorkeling tour " arround the beautiful costs of the island. There are amazing deep blue waters for discovering and swimming as well. You can combine visiting the main sightseeings of the island like Lindos, Kallithea springs, Antony Quinn, Tsambika beach, Prasonisi.. and more. As a matter of fact, Rodos is a huge " snorkeling area ".

Many sightseeing places, have close to them ( no more than 100m ) beautiful, clear coasts for snorkelling. There are not any dangers at the Rhodian coasts like dangerous fishes or any other unpleasant situations.
Snorkelling in Rodos is very enjoyable and the last years become a famous sport as well.

ProjectProjectProject With my friends from Germany @ special snorkeling coasts of Rodos island


If you’re heading off on a family vacation to Rodos, you won’t have to worry about keeping your children's occupied. Rodos has plenty to offer tourists of all ages; you’ll love playing on the beach with your little ones and splashing around to the beach. But beyond the shoreline, you can expect to find even more family-friendly attractions.
Rodos’ waterpark is one of the Rodos most popular spots, they’re always a big hit with big and little ones alike, and they’re a great option when you feel like cooling off from the hot Rodos sun.

Customized Rodos park private tour
If you fancy a splashtastic family adventure, then you could make a Rodos water park part of your private tour. You can customize your private tour with me.. with the water park activities as much you want. There is a plenty of time between 9,30 - 6,30 to customize a tour that includes the water park activities for an hour or two.

Rodos WaterparkRodos WaterparkRodos Waterpark With a family from Sweden @ Rodos Waterpark

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